Some parents try to put their children on roller skates almost at the age of 2, considering rollersport the best type of children’s physical education. Orthopedic doctors warn against starting too early and recommend starting classes no earlier than 4-5, or even 6-7 years, when the child will form the arches of the feet and develop a clear coordination of movements. Both health workers and coaches agree that adults should initially try to choose high-quality videos. What should a good inventory look like, what are the criteria for choosing it, and what should you pay attention to when buying?

External differences of roller skates for children

The range of videos designed for young athletes is impressive even at a primitive market point, not to mention solid sports stores. It is difficult for an ignorant buyer to understand it, especially since for him all these multi-colored shoes differ in appearance only on several points:

number and location of wheels-Quad, inline, three -, four – and five-wheeled;
the possibility of increasing the size of the stationary and sliding;
the number and quality of foot fixation elements – clips (buckles), heel strap and laces.

Quad rollers are a metal or plastic frame on four wheels arranged in two rows. They come without a Shoe (parents and grandparents probably remember such models) and are attached to regular sports shoes with textile or leather straps. Quads are also sold with special sneakers, but they are often not equipped with a sliding system.

Among the advantages of such rollers are stability and safety. The kid will really learn to ride them very quickly, but when switching to single-row rollers, he will have to learn to keep his balance, like any beginner. In addition, quads often do not provide complete fixation of the ankle joint, so that injuries are not excluded when falling.

The child’s leg is growing rapidly, so the 4-or even 5-size range that manufacturers of sliding rollers usually provide allows parents to extend their service life to 4-5 seasons. This is a definite plus, and the diligence of buyers who seek to choose four-wheeled linear rollers-transformers, is justified – they can be used for a long time.

Some manufacturers try to save money on fasteners and the presence of the brake, removing some element. To comply with safety regulations, it is important that the rollers have clips, a heel strap, and laces that ensure ride comfort and reliability of keeping your feet in your shoes. But the five-wheeled models should be abandoned – they are designed for high-speed racing, and the novice roller is not needed yet.

At first glance, these are all differences, and there is no point in overpaying for more expensive videos. And to understand why experts still recommend choosing branded products and putting aside the Chinese no name, you need to familiarize yourself with their internal design.

Buying the “right” model for a young roller

So, why do some children’s videos cost only a couple of tens of dollars, and the price of others reaches 2-3 hundred? And for some mysterious reason, the latter try to choose both wealthy people and those who consider themselves to be in the middle class? The answer lies on the surface: high-quality roller skates are made of high-quality materials, a lot of professionals in anatomy, ergonomics, and materials science are working on their creation, and their products by definition can not be cheap. But what exactly they are better, now we will find out.

We determine the quality and size of shoes

Looking closely at the store or on the site, which videos you want to choose for your grown child, you will probably notice that some bots look like plastic boots, while others have almost no difference in softness and design from ordinary sneakers. A novice roller is usually advised to take rigid models, they say, they provide optimal stability and fixing of the ankle.

However, there is an opposite opinion – soft bots are easier, more comfortable to fit the leg, better ventilated, so they are more preferable for getting the first skills. So, which videos are better in this regard, let the young roller decide directly at the fitting. You only need to make sure that in the responsible places – on the heels and toes-the Shoe is not pushed through manually.

As for the size, you can handle this issue in a matter of minutes, if you carefully do a simple procedure at home:

Put two sheets of paper on the floor and find a pencil or pen.
Put your child’s bare feet on the paper and stand still for a couple of minutes.
Now you just need to measure the exact length of both feet with a ruler (sometimes they differ – take a larger value) and use the manufacturer’s table to determine exactly what size of rollers he recommends you choose. By the way, the absence of such a table from the seller or even on the official website (as well as the absence of such a site) will tell you a lot – at least, that the products of such an irresponsible company do not fit you.

If the roller skates are too large, they can not be fixed well, the feet will slip and RUB calluses. We will not talk about any recovery and pleasure, besides, having rolled once or twice, the child may lose his enthusiasm for skating forever. And therefore do not even try to choose the rollers in reserve.

We study the features of frame systems

With the upper part of the rollers decided, now it’s time to choose a frame. After looking at it, you will be able to determine, almost as an experienced roller, what style of riding the product is intended for:

for fitness-a frame of average height and length (focus on the toe of the Shoe – it slightly protrudes beyond its edge);
for hockey, the base is very shortened, and in General, the rollers are very similar to ice skates;
for extreme jumps and slides-they are characterized by a very low frame on which a cast plastic boot is placed;
for downhill – as already mentioned above, these rollers have 5 narrow-profile wheels and an extended base.

It is interesting to understand the material. The base for the rollers is usually made of metal (or rather, aluminum, magnesium or titanium alloy), plastic (nylon, nylon), or a composite based on fiberglass or carbon fiber. Metal load-bearing systems are light, strong, but quite expensive, so they are usually put on top models. In addition to the high price, they have another drawback – they bend, so it is better not to choose them for training.

Nylon and nylon frames, on the contrary, indicate belonging to the budget category. Manufacturers compensate for the softness of plastic with its thickness, so these rollers are often too heavy and difficult to manage.

When nylon learned to Supplement with fiberglass, we got composite fiberglass frames, with which the rollers were still inexpensive, but much lighter and more elastic than pure nylon. Their disadvantage is low strength, which limits the use of such roller skates by jump enthusiasts and well-fed teenagers.

Finally, rollers on composite frames using carbon fiber (they are loudly called carbon fiber) are considered the best choice. They are not inferior in strength to metal ones, and they can withstand loads without deformation – they are placed on both blades. However, it was not without disadvantages – these videos are also not cheap.

about wheels and bearings

The bigger the wheels, the faster you can develop speed, and Vice versa. Therefore, the child should choose wheels of medium diameter – not less than 70 and not more than 76 mm. it is Highly desirable that they are made of high-quality polyurethane, and not “rumbling” plastic.

An important criterion is the rigidity of the wheel material. It must be specified as a number and the letter A, for example, 78A. for children’s rollers, choose the correct stiffness within 78-83A. harder wheels will be too sensitive to road irregularities, and soft ones will quickly wear off.

The quality of bearings is also important. You can evaluate it indirectly by turning the wheels of the rollers when you come to the store to select a specific model. Unfortunately, you can only learn how good they are from personal experience.

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