What devices are needed for child care?

Baby monitor, sling and car seat-these devices are now used by many young parents. Now children’s stores offer a large selection of devices for child care.


Used for carrying a child. Can replace the stroller. . The prototype of the sling is taken from Gypsies, who usually go with newborns, tying a shawl or a large piece of cloth around them and placing the child inside. Tying a real sling correctly is an art. In fact, a Slingo scarf is such a long piece of fabric, beautifully cut at the edges and neatly hemmed. It is not difficult to sew a sling yourself, even for a non-professional seamstress. It’s just a question of size. When buying a ready-made sling, along with the gadget itself, they usually sell a disk with a video instruction on how to wrap it correctly on themselves. But after reviewing the instructions several times, there is no guarantee that you will be able to master this tricky science the first time.

The pacifier thermometer

According to the assurances of pharmaceutical companies, it is absolutely irreplaceable thing in the everyday life of the average baby. The principle of operation is similar to a conventional electronic thermometer. It looks like a regular pacifier with a small built-in display. Beeps loudly at the end of the temperature measurement. Quickly and loudly beeps if the baby’s temperature is higher than normal.

Feeding chair-swing

It is used as a place for feeding babies from the age of six months to three years. Has a side table, wheels. Transforms into a chaise longue and mechanical swing suitable for newborns. Accepts multiple height positions. When folded, it takes up very little space, which is very much appreciated by the owners of small apartments. .

Electric breast pump

It is considered absolutely necessary to Express milk if you need to leave the baby at home with someone from relatives. The electric milk pump works both from the mains and from batteries. In contrast to its pneumatic counterpart, the electric gadget “pumps” milk itself and much faster, which allegedly makes the life of a young mother much easier. As the instructions say, you can adjust the frequency and strength of pumping at the pump, which is also very convenient. They say that it is simply irreplaceable when milk stagnates in the breast, as well as at the very beginning when establishing lactation.

Car seat

The car seat is attached to the back seat of the car with safety belts and allows you to transport the baby in a lying position, securing it in the cradle with special straps. This device is a necessary condition for transporting a baby in a car. They are used for babies from birth to one year (weight limit-13 kg). The car seat has a large handle and can be used as a carrier. After the baby grows out of the car seat, parents usually purchase a car seat. Unlike a cradle, it can’t be used to carry a child somewhere outside the car.

Baby monitor

The device is able to “tell” about what the child is doing, even if the parents are at a distance of up to 400 meters. The baby monitor consists of two walkie-talkies, one of which, “children’s” transmits all sounds and noises, the other, “parent”, works exclusively for reception. The first device is located three meters away from the child, and the second can be put in the pocket of my mother’s robe or attached to my father’s Trouser belt. There are models that operate both from the network and independently – from batteries. By the way, even more convenient is the video nanny – the same device, but with a video camera, thanks to which parents can not only hear, but also see their child.


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