Games in the water are loved by all children. This is not only entertainment, but also training. To ensure the acceptance of water procedures in the fresh air, you can buy an inflatable pool for your child. Now models of different sizes and shapes are produced. These pools are safe for children of any age, as you can control the purity of the water. They are light, they are easy to install anywhere on the dacha or even take with you to the beach.

What are

These temporary pools are different in depth, size, and shape. Depending on the characteristics of the walls, they are divided into frame and inflatable. For children, it is better to buy inflatable ones. Although they are not as durable, they do not require special care.


Frame pools are quite large and have rigid walls. They have a frame made of steel pipes, on which a PVC sheet is stretched. These pools usually have a greater depth, so they are more suitable for children over 12 years of age or adults. They are easy to install, as long as the surface is flat. Due to the fact that there is a lot of water in them, it is not changed often, so you need to use filters and means to clean it.


Inflatable pools are cheaper and easier to operate. You can buy a small model that changes the water daily. These tanks can be of different shapes and sizes, with a flat or inflatable bottom, with additional accessories. They are easy to install, fill with water, and remove after use.

Important! Due to the design and material features, they are very fragile. They can be torn during active games, when installed next to bushes or on an uneven surface.

For kids

Children under one and a half years old choose small pools up to 20 cm high and 1 m2 in size. Usually the tank consists of 1-3 inflatable rings. It is desirable that the bottom of it was also inflatable. The presence of an awning will protect the baby from overheating.

Easy set

This is a fairly large structure up to 6 meters in diameter with a single ring and PVC walls. When the ring is inflated, the walls rise, and when filled with water, the tank becomes stable. At the bottom, the diameter is larger than at the top.


Children of all ages like game complexes very much. They can be equipped with slides, stairs, seats, rings, toys. These pools have an unusual shape, sometimes they have two reservoirs. Usually the depth is small.

With a fountain

These pools can be different in size. Often created in the form of animals or game complexes. Streams of water are released from the sides or bottom. This is very popular with children.

With rigid sidewalls

More stable and larger pools have additional stiffeners. They are quite roomy, suitable for teenagers. Usually included is a filter, water drain, pump.

With an awning

It will protect the baby from the scorching rays of the sun and prevent overheating. After all, it is not recommended to put a pool in the shade, so an awning is the best option. It is especially important for children of the first years of life.

With a flat bottom

Models with a flat bottom are more suitable for children from 5-7 years. It is easier to move actively in them. But this bottom does not hide the shortcomings and irregularities of the earth.

With an inflatable bottom

If the bottom also inflates, it makes it soft. It will be comfortable to sit on. Surface irregularities will not be felt. In such a pool, the child will not catch a cold, since it does not feel cold from the ground.

Tips for choosing

To ensure that the pool not only provides the child with a good mood, but is safe and convenient, you need to choose it correctly. It is important to pay attention to the design features, size, method of filling and draining water, and the presence of a filter in the kit. The reputation of the manufacturer is also very important. The quality and reliability of the product will depend on this.


The simplest children’s pool has a round shape and consists of 1-3 inflatable rings. But models are available oval, rectangular, in the form of animals or unusual shapes. They can have a roof, a slide, fountains.

Height and size

These parameters depend on the child’s age. 1 m2 is enough for a baby, older children need 2 m2. It is not recommended to choose a pool that is too large for one child. It will be difficult to change the water, and it will be heated for a long time. In addition, with a large size, the depth increases. And it should be chosen depending on the age:

for children up to one and a half years old, the depth of 15-17 cm will be safe, it will allow you to splash in the water, but will not let you drown;
up to 3 years old you can swim in the pool up to 50 cm deep;
from 3 to 7 years, the depth should be 50-70 cm;
for teenagers-100-170 cm.
Filling with water
Most often, the pool is filled with water using a hose. Large models have a built-in hose. After filling, let the water heat up.


This function is required if the pool is large. Constantly draining water and gaining clean water is uneconomical. Special filters prevent water from blooming and remove small debris. They must be cleaned every 2 weeks.


To make the operation of the pool simple, you need to pay attention to the presence of a drain in the kit. Without it, it is easy to use only small tanks for babies. Large pools will be difficult to free from water.

Features of the unit

When installing a pool, it is important to choose the right place for it. The surface should be smooth, it should be cleaned of debris, preferably covered with a film, you can sprinkle with sand. You need to choose a Sunny place, away from trees and shrubs. There should be no plants with a sharp smell or buildings nearby.

There are several rules for using an inflatable pool:

the child should only bathe in the presence of adults;
the water temperature must be at least 220;
you need to carefully monitor the purity of the water, change it regularly or use a filter;
the tank must be washed periodically;
if the pool will not be used for a long time, it must be well dried and carefully folded.
An inflatable pool is the best entertainment for a child of any age. It will allow you to take it in the country or provide safe water treatments while relaxing on the beach.

Top 5 best Inflatable pools for children

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Giant Inflatable Kiddie Pool – Family and Kids Inflatable Rectangular Pool – 10 Feet Long (120″ X 72″ X 20″)

Intex Kiddie Pool – Kid’s Summer Sunset Glow Design – 58″ x 13″

Intex Swim Center Paradise Inflatable Pool, 103in X 63in X 18in, for Ages 3+

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