Lack of exercise is a huge problem of our time. Over the past few decades, many children during the day only change the school Desk to a Desk where they prepare lessons, and a comfortable sofa to watch TV. Meanwhile, scientists have proved that sports not only improve health, but also have a positive effect on the child’s learning, allowing them to cope with attention deficit. Canadian researchers, observing children for a long time, came to the conclusion that those of them who were engaged in sports from kindergarten, by the end of primary school, were distinguished by great success in learning. Self-discipline, ability to follow instructions, self-confidence-such a wonderful baggage was received by the guys who attended sports sections. Many of them continued to play sports in high school.

But even if you don’t have the opportunity to take your child to sports activities or they don’t show much interest in a particular sport, physical activity can and should become a part of children’s day. No child will refuse to climb the Swedish wall and hang on the crossbar. And to make this process permanent and daily, not dependent on the vagaries of the weather or on the employment of parents, there is a simple solution – to equip a sports corner at home.

What sports corners are there? 

Sports complexes are divided by characteristics, material, content, types of attachment, etc. let’s Look at each item in more detail


Usually, metal or wood is used. Both materials have their advantages. Metal is easier to clean, it is stronger; adults can also practice on such a complex. However, it is better to Supplement the slippery rungs with special overlays. Metal models can withstand a weight of up to 150 kg.

Wood is more environmentally friendly and cheaper, it is easier to fit into the interior and paint it in the right color (be sure to check that the parts are well sanded). This area is better suited to the baby, since the wooden crossbar is easier to hold, and it is not cold. Such complexes are designed for a weight of about 70 kg.


Classic sports corner includes:

– Swedish wall. Such a shell will allow both a two-year-old baby and his father to play sports.
– horizontal bar, narrower or wider. Located in the doorway, it takes up almost no space.
– rings. This attribute is only used for children’s activities.
– rope. Not always included in the basic kit, you can buy it separately if you plan to pay special attention to strengthening the muscles of the back and shoulder girdle.
– rope ladder. A more advanced alternative to the Swedish wall and excellent prevention of flat feet. Suitable for children over 3 years old.

It is possible to Supplement the sports complex with a climbing frame with ladder installed horizontally or inclined. Many children like a trapeze-a crossbar on two ropes that can be used as a swing. Boys will be interested in a punching bag or a basketball basket, girls are usually happy to use a rope manhole-a grid of ropes. For all families, an inclined bench is perfect: by placing it on the crossbar of the Swedish wall, adults will be able to pump the press, and kids will be able to use the structure as a slide.

Way of fastening

One of the most important points in choosing a sports corner, because the safety of the child depends on reliable installation.

Wall mount. The complex is fixed to the wall at several points. Takes up little space. But if you use drywall, this method is better to refuse.
Spacer. It is held by spacer elements that rest on the ceiling and floor. It is also quite compact, but it cannot be installed in rooms with a suspended ceiling.
There are also corners that combine the two above-mentioned methods of attachment.
Suspension. As a rule, this is a horizontal bar, where additional elements are suspended – a rope, rings, a rope ladder.
Autonomous. Complexes for the little ones. It has no fasteners, but it has a special stability due to the wide base. Some models can be folded and removed, and some can be flipped to the other side. The only drawback is that such a complex is used for a short time, but it is not cheap.

The shape of the design.

As a rule, a sports corner can be L-shaped, T-shaped and P-shaped. The first type is a Swedish wall attached to the wall. the T-shaped complex allows you to approach the wall from both sides. A variant in the shape of the letter P is two ladders and a handle between them. If the area that you can allocate for the complex is small, stop at the first or second option.

Is it possible to install a sports area?

It is better to trust professionals. There are many factors that you can not take into account – from the curvature of the walls to the subtleties of the choice of fasteners. Since the safety of your child is at stake, it is better to entrust the installation to specialists. If you have decided on a spacer structure, check the spacer screws a few weeks after installation and tighten them if necessary.

How to fit a sports complex into the interior?

The easiest way to combine a sports complex with a room decorated in a modern style. If the nursery is designed in other stylistic directions, it is best to fit a sports corner made of wood, besides it can be painted in the desired color. If you buy a complex with the intention of using it for many years, choose a neutral white or metallic color, because in the room of a teenager, bright children’s elements will look funny. Another hint from the designers – you can choose a complex in the color of the walls, then it seems to dissolve in the air, which is important for small spaces.

Safety is at the top of everything!

Pay attention to the sharp corners of the furniture located next to the complex.
Hide the bolts under the plugs.
Be sure to Supplement the shells with mats.
Purchase complexes only from trusted manufacturers, require quality certificates, and review reviews for the selected complex.
As you can see, manufacturers offer us a huge selection of models. Even the youngest children, teenagers, and their parents can take part in them, so you can choose the ideal sports complex based on the features of your apartment and your budget. And this contribution to the health of your family will pay off handsomely, giving a lot of bright emotions and opportunities for development.

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