Little fidgets really like to frolic on playgrounds, ride on swings and go down hills. However, it can be very hot in summer on specially designated playgrounds, and in winter you can’t play at all. In addition, their safety leaves much to be desired. In order to please your baby, parents can buy a children’s slide in the house or country cottage.

Advantages of a children’s slide in the apartment

Children’s slide in the apartment will not only please the child, but also allow you to actively develop and safely spend leisure time.

The advantages of a slide in the children’s room are obvious:

  • Compact;
  • Can be folded and put away in the pantry;
  • Sustainable;
  • It is made only from materials that are safe for health.

For small-sized apartments, an inflatable children’s slide will be an excellent option. It can be easily expanded and inflated during the baby’s play. If necessary, blow it off and place it in the pantry or closet.

This attribute of the children’s room will be a real find for a child in the cold winter days. Regardless of weather conditions, the baby will always be able to ride his favorite slide, because it is in his room.

Children’s slides for a country house Every parent tries to create all the conditions for the active development of their child. It should be surrounded by versatile books, constructors, games and toys. However, the psychological and emotional state of the baby plays an important role in all this.

But children can’t spend the whole day reading or playing Board games. They have a lot of energy that needs to be constantly wasted somewhere.

Therefore, for those who have a home, a children’s slide in the garden or on the lawn will allow the child to spend a lot of time outdoors playing their favorite game.

Why do more and more parents prefer children’s slides?

All children love to jump, run, climb somewhere and go down. The ideal solution to create safe conditions for active games is a children’s slide, which can be installed in the house or in the yard.

A children’s slide near the house will allow kids to actively spend time in the fresh air.

There are several more advantages to get a children’s slide in the house or in the country:

  • Suitable for babies from 2 years of age;
  • Improves the physical development of the child;
  • Can be installed in any safe place;
  • A child doesn’t need to wait in line to ride their favorite ride;
  • Parents can take care of their garden chores, while the fidget is always under supervision.

Manufacturers improve children’s slides every year, which makes it possible to use them even for owners of small rooms.

They are large and small, foldable and stationary. They can also be made of various materials whose characteristics are worth paying attention to.

What material to choose?

In order to make the right choice when buying a slide, you should study in detail all the characteristics of this product. What material is made of, the main characteristics.

So what are children’s slides:


Plastic slide
Recently, plastic has become particularly popular in the manufacture of children’s play equipment. They are more versatile in use and at the same time much cheaper than products made of other materials.

In addition, plastic slides are very durable and absolutely safe for children. They are light and mobile. That is, in bad weather, they can be moved under a canopy or even in the house, put in the shade or in the sun.

Plastic children’s slides do not require special care, are not whimsical to weather conditions. Do not absorb moisture and do not rust, and do not crack in comparison with other materials.

These slides can have all sorts of colors and shades, which attracts children’s attention. Colors are very resistant to external factors and do not require annual staining.

You can ride them regardless of the temperature. They are not very cold or hot. You can spend time on them even in winter. All slides do not have sharp edges, which makes it possible for the child to spend active rest as safely as possible.

Today, manufacturers offer a wide range of outdoor children’s slides. They can be either with one descent or several, with smooth slides and spiral. All sections are easily assembled and fixed together, resulting in a strong and stable structure.

A small slide is suitable for the smallest ones. If the child accidentally throws it over himself, then it will not cause any harm to him.

In addition, another advantage of plastic slides is that the fabric is made without joints and seams. Therefore, with multiple descents, the child will not RUB or scratch anything.

Wooden roller coaster

Slides made of wood are considered traditional due to the fact that it is a natural, warm, environmentally friendly material. These slides look very nice in suburban areas and on the street.

However, with all this, wooden slides have a number of disadvantages:

Under the influence of external factors, the tree may crack, crack, or deform;
At high humidity, a fungus is formed, which is very harmful to the health of the child;
It can break off a piece and cause harm to the baby (put a splinter under the skin, scratch).
For these reasons, wooden children’s slides need constant and proper care. Every year, they need to be treated with antifungal compounds, cleaned surfaces, and painted.

In addition, in winter, it is necessary to cover the wooden slides with polyethylene or other waterproof material.

It is worth noting that such slides with proper care can please children for a long time.

Metal slides

Today, metal is used less and less frequently in the production of slides. Only used for the manufacture of certain elements. Metal in modern production of children’s equipment can be present in the frame. This can be pipes for descent, handrails, spiral stairs.

Of course, such slides have the right to exist. However, they have recently enjoyed little popularity. And there are a number of valid reasons for this:

Metal quickly heats and cools. That is even in the shade in the summer the child will be extremely uncomfortable to ride;
Over time, metal corrosion occurs. Rust appears, which causes damage to the surface;
It has joints and seams that can cause abrasions and injuries to the child when riding.

metal slides for cottages

Main criteria for choosing a children’s slide

A children’s slide is not only a fun leisure activity, but also a great way to develop a child’s vestibular apparatus, motor skills, and strengthen muscle mass. It can be used from an early age, both at home and on the street.

But, in order to make the right choice and buy a high-quality and durable slide, you should pay attention to the following criteria:

The manufacturer must provide a quality certificate and a hygienic report that confirms the use of high-quality and non-toxic material.
The slide should not have any damage or scratches. The design must be strong and reliable so that the baby can safely ride his favorite ride.
All surfaces and seams are carefully sanded.
Structural stability. The kit consists of slides with a special attachment. When assembling children’s equipment, read the instructions.
Also, when choosing, you should determine exactly where the slide will be installed, and based on this, buy a particular model.

A folding slide is suitable for traveling. It is very compact and light. Convenient for storage and transportation.

But for the pool, it is better to use special slides that are attached to the frame, and even the most active games will not be able to move it.

In addition, you should take into account the shape of the descent. They can be twisted, wavy, in the form of a tunnel, or simply classic. It is very important to take into account the age of the child when choosing. A straight descent is suitable for the baby, but for older people, screw ones will be more interesting.

An important aspect is the study of the permissible load that the slide can withstand without risks for children. The older the child gets, the load strength should increase. If you do not follow the recommendations, the product may cause harm.

What should I pay attention to?

Children’s safety should come first. They are very active, and sometimes just forget to follow the rules of behavior on the slides. Parents, in turn, are obliged to surround the baby with objects that can not harm him.

When choosing a metal slide, pay attention to the following:

All edges of the slide should be tightly adjacent to the sides to avoid getting the child’s clothes;
The sides should not be adjacent to the trigger structure, but should be integral. Over time, the adjacent elements can be detached, creating gaps, and the baby can cut himself on the sharp edges;
It is necessary to study the strength of the stainless descent. Some manufacturers may use very thin material to save money.
The next element of safe play on the children’s slide is a ladder. You need to carefully examine the steps and the mounts on them. The steps must be placed at the same distance to prevent sinking of the legs.

If self-tapping screws are used for fasteners and there is an additional support under each step, then this slide can be safely purchased on your site.

And of course the handrails. Pass the handrail should be from the first to the last step with a smooth and comfortable bend. You should check for any imperfections and rough edges. During the climb, the child may not notice them and damage their hands.

It should be remembered that even the most durable and high-quality slide does not fully guarantee the safety of the child. All games must be supervised by adults.

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