How to choose a trampoline for a child

Children are very mobile and active, and in order for them to properly spend their irrepressible energy, parents should work hard. To do this, you can come up with all sorts of games and relays, and still it will not be enough.

Recently, in children’s and sports stores, you can find all sorts of trampolines that are designed for children and adults. Jumping on a trampoline will become especially popular among little fidgets. However, in order to choose it correctly, parents should carefully understand what they are and what they are.

What is a trampoline?

A trampoline is a sports equipment for jumping, which may consist of a stretched net on a metal frame or an inflatable structure. Ideal for sports training and children’s entertainment.

Trampolines differ from each other:

  • The material from which they are made;
  • Sizes;
  • Forms;
  • Weight.

Benefits of trampoline for child development

In addition to the fact that jumping on a trampoline brings tremendous emotions to the child, but also has a positive impact on his physical development. Trampolining develops the vestibular system, strengthens and forms muscles, has a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system, and improves blood circulation.

Until recently, they could be seen in parks and entertainment centers. Today, everyone can buy it for themselves and their child and enjoy jumping.

In addition, regular training on the trampoline will make it easy to learn some gymnastic elements.


Inflatable trampolines are very popular and attract your attention with bright colors and different shapes. They are absolutely safe for children, even the youngest age.

They are easily inflated and can be used both at home and on the street.

There are several types of inflatable trampolines:

Trampoline in the form of an arena. This model resembles a children’s playpen because of the inflatable bottom and walls. They can be made in the form of a fairy-tale castle, a house, or even a forest edge. In this trampoline, the child will feel safe. He will not be able to fall off it or run into a sharp corner. Getting into such a fabulous trampoline children develop quickly and get a lot of positive emotions.
Figured a trampoline. These models are offered for children from 3 years old who can apply it in role-playing games with their friends. These trampolines can be presented in the form of some fairy-tale hero or favorite pirate ship.
Trampoline pool. Its design allows you to fill it with water and just play in the water. If necessary, the water is easily drained and it turns into a safe place to play. For lovers of sea recreation, you can use it instead of a boat, and when you go ashore, fill it with water and splash around with friends.

trampoline pool

Inflatable trampolines have proven themselves among little fidgets and adults. First, they can be used in any convenient place. If necessary, simply blow it away and put it in the pantry. Second, if a breakout is detected, you can easily apply a special patch and use it again.

Today, there is a huge range of inflatable trampolines. It all depends on the preferences of parents and kids.

However, keep in mind that a child can only use the trampoline under adult supervision. Do not leave them alone, otherwise playing on the trampoline can lead to unpleasant injuries and abrasions.

Each parent should carefully read the instructions that specify the recommended age before giving preference to a particular model. Remember, the safety of a child depends directly on its parents.

Sports trampolines are stationary and portable.

Stationary trampolines are mainly used for sports training. They come in different sizes and shapes. The legs of the trampoline case are fixed to the surface using special bolts. They are able to withstand heavy loads, thus they are an excellent tool for studying gymnasium elements. Can be used for children over 12 years of age.

Portable trampolines

have different diameters and shapes. The trampoline body consists of a metal body on which a PVC fabric is stretched and fixed between springs. It can be used by children and adults for outdoor activities and sports. In addition, it can be installed both at home and in your favorite garden or yard.

sports trampolines

Which trampoline will protect the child from injuries?
First, you should understand for a child of what age a trampoline is purchased. If a child is under 10 years of age and needs a trampoline for entertainment, and not for sports training, then you should give preference to a shell with protected sides. That is, a special restrictive mesh is attached on all sides of the trampoline body and does not allow the child to fall out of it.

It should be noted that children will be engaged in jumping with their friends. And during active recreation, they can not fully control themselves and risk falling out of the trampoline. Therefore, for security purposes, you just need a safety net.

If a child needs a trampoline for sports training, then in this situation, a restrictive grid is not necessary. It will simply interfere with full training and restrict movement.

Trampolines-attractions that are located in Park areas for children of different ages to play, the grid must be present without fail.

Choosing a trampoline is an individual decision. However, it should always be remembered that children during games lose a sense of fear for their lives and health, which can lead to various injuries.

What to choose a trampoline, what should you pay attention to?

For children over 10 years of age, it is better to buy a large children’s sports equipment. First of all, do not forget that children grow up quickly, and a small trampoline in speed will be inconvenient for active jumps. Therefore, a model with a “margin” will be the right choice.

In addition, on a large trampoline, children will be able to jump and have fun with their friends.

If the trampoline is 1 meter in diameter, no more than one child can use it. Three children can jump on a 1.6-meter trampoline at the same time.

You should also pay attention to weight restrictions. For example, small trampolines are designed for a load of no more than 100 kilograms. On the street, the permissible load is from 300-400 kg. Therefore, if there are more than 3 children on the trampoline, it is better to buy such a model.

Choosing a trampoline for your child, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Quality of construction material and fabric. The main racks are the basis of the entire trampoline, so it is better to give preference to a metal structure. Even under heavy loads, the legs do not deform or break. The canvas must be made of a strong material that is not subject to stretching and is protected from UV exposure;
  • Springs. High-quality springs are the key to good cushioning. The number of springs indicates the reliability and safety of the trampoline. The more of them there are, the longer it can last;
  • Restrictive mesh or protective Mat. A protective Mat is always placed along the entire trampoline and prevents unwanted bruises and bumps. However, such a Mat will not be able to protect the child from falling out. This model is better for children who play sports. For active games, you should pay attention to the trampoline with a restrictive grid. It will help protect children from falling out;
  • Reliability of the frame. The frame is the base of the trampoline, which must be designed for heavy loads. The trampoline must be stable and not loose during jumps. Otherwise, the structure will simply turn over;
    Weight. The strength of the trampoline depends on its weight. As a rule children’s simulators weigh up to 20 kg for adults sports equipment reaches up to 100 kg


First of all, parents need to determine for what purposes they need sports equipment, and where it will be located. If a child needs a trampoline for active games, you can buy a small projectile for the house and the street. If, for sports training, you need a professional and durable equipment.

Always read the main characteristics of the trampoline and the permissible weight that it can withstand before purchasing.

It is recommended to purchase sports equipment in specialized stores. This is where you are guaranteed to buy a safe model made of high-quality materials that will last a long time. In addition, the material should not be toxic to avoid allergic reactions.

Pay attention to the fabric material and its seams. The material should be elastic, but strong, and the seam-reliable.

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