How to choose a stroller for a newborn

Where to start?
A stroller for a newborn should be comfortable-first of all for the child, but also for parents. It is necessary that the seat is protected from the external environment as efficiently as possible: the weather conditions that are familiar to us can cause discomfort to a small traveler. Therefore, the main tasks of the cradle of any stroller for the smallest ones are to provide the crumbs with warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer; to reliably shelter them from the wind, rain and bright sunlight.

During the walk, newborns sleep a lot, so the stroller must provide the baby with the appropriate level of comfort and coziness.

When choosing a stroller for babies, there can be no trifles. In addition to the cradle, you should pay attention to the wheels, and the shock absorption, and the safety of the child. It is also important at what time the baby will be born: for” winter “babies, you need to choose a warmed version, for “summer” – a lighter model. There are also universal, all-season strollers.

Operating conditions dictate their own rules. For smooth paved paths, the size of the wheels, the width of the wheelbase and the quality of shock absorption do not play a special role. Another thing is if we are talking about walking in an area that can not boast of high-quality sidewalks.

Classification of strollers for newborns

Modern strollers for newborns are divided into several types — a classic stroller, a model of the “transformer” type, and multi-module strollers of the “2 in 1” and “3 in 1″configuration. Sometimes this category also includes walking-in practice, they usually have an age limit of “6 months”. There are also models that can be used for babies from birth. If you prefer a” walk ” for a newborn, be sure to check whether it is suitable for a child who does not know how to sit yet.

A good stroller is not cheap, and the baby needs so much! Experts advise you to buy a stroller as soon as possible, and to postpone other significant expenses for a month and a half. For example, you can choose a crib for a newborn later, because modern strollers perfectly cope with the functions of a cradle or rocking bed. This replacement is only good for the baby: many children are afraid of unlimited space immediately after birth, and the stroller can become a cozy nest in which the child will feel as comfortable as possible.

Let’s take a closer look at the specifics of each named type of stroller for the smallest.

Classic stroller-cradle

The design is simple: a removable cradle and a reliable chassis. As a rule, strollers-bassinets have a wider berth in comparison with analogues of other types and a insulated rigid frame; necessarily horizontal (without tilt) position of the bottom. The latter is extremely important for the harmonious development of the newborn: pediatricians recommend making the baby’s bed for sleeping smooth and rigid.

Some cradles can change the angle of the backrest. The number of positions ranges from 2 to 7. If you need this option, find out in advance whether the stroller model you have chosen has it.

Parents will love the high wheelbase (this is very convenient; for example, in walking options, the child sits much lower) and the excellent cross-country ability of this stroller. Four large wheels and good shock absorption of the named model cope with any off-road, protecting the sensitive sleep and comfort of your baby.

Cradles are not designed for long trips, but this does not mean that you can not travel with such a stroller. On the contrary, the manufacturer has provided everything for your convenience: the cradle is easily removed from the chassis and installed in the car using special fasteners. The wheelbase itself is folded — it can be placed in the trunk.

The stroller is designed for children from birth to 6 months. After six months, the best option is to transfer to a stroller of walking type — their choice is huge, and each buyer will find a model to their taste among the “walks”.


This stroller has everything that a child needs in every period of its development. The newborn will be comfortable in the cradle-carrying (installed in the stroller): it is equipped with the most important for the newborn solid flat bottom, located strictly horizontally. When choosing a transformer, be sure to check the hardness of the bottom of the carrier; pay attention to its handles. They are soft and hard.

Trip? You can take the stroller with you. When folded, it will fit in the trunk of almost any passenger car.

Multi-module strollers

Multi-module strollers are not cheap, but they are extremely popular. First, it is guaranteed reliable brand models; and secondly, it is an opportunity to buy a really convenient thing for the entire period during which the baby will need a stroller.

In these models, one of two or three blocks can be installed on the same chassis: a cradle and a walking block; in the “3 in 1” variation, a car seat is added here. In fact, multi-module strollers combine the advantages of a cradle and a “walk”. Since the modules are removable and the chassis is folded, you can travel with this stroller.

The unit for newborns in multi-module strollers is not inferior to the cradle in a classic stroller. But in comparison with traditional “walks”, the multi-module version will appeal to large wheels that will cope with any off-road terrain perfectly.

What should be your ideal stroller?

Size and weight of a stroller for a newborn
Strollers for newborns are not compact (unlike strollers and strollers-canes).

The cradle can be ordinary and insulated. The second option is suitable for babies whose first six months of life fall during the predominantly cold season.

The length of the cradle in standard strollers for newborns is usually 77-80 centimeters; the width is 37-40 cm. the Wheelbase is slightly wider. Elevator doors, on average, open at 55 cm.

The weight of the cradle itself is 5.5-6.7 kg. Add to this the weight of the chassis and the baby-the stroller for newborns has to be lifted infrequently, but it is important that if necessary, the mother can do it.


Strollers for newborns are usually equipped with a chassis with four large wheels. An alternative option is gaining popularity — a three-wheeled base with a front swivel wheel (it can be fixed motionless if necessary); manufacturers are focusing on improved maneuverability of this type of model.

The difference between four or three wheels is absolutely unprincipled; it is only in the tastes and preferences of the parents. There is an opinion that three-wheeled strollers are less stable, but the experience of many mothers refutes this statement.

Wheels in strollers for newborns-large, often – on the disk.

There are plastic and rubber wheels. The latter need to be inflated; there is a danger of puncturing them. In this regard, plastic analogues are more practical, but their ability to overcome obstacles and depreciation is not as bad. The intermediate position between the two options is occupied by foam rubber wheels. The material of the new generation EVO, polymer rubber. It provides excellent cushioning and reduces the chance of a puncture compared to rubber inflatable wheels.

In addition to visual appeal, large wheels provide excellent cross-country on any road and partially perform a cushioning function, protecting the comfort of the baby.

It should be remembered that the softness of the course is affected not only by the material of the rim and the size of the wheels, but also the quality of shock absorption of the stroller, and the presence of bearings.


In high-quality strollers, the manufacturer pays special attention to depreciation. It protects the child from bumps and bumps caused by road irregularities. Special attention should be paid to the front wheels: they must be equipped with a shock-absorbing mechanism.

Today, shock absorption of strollers for newborns is provided in one of two ways: spring (aka “spring”) or belt. In the first case, the stroller is equipped with special springs that take on all the shocks, smoothing out the bumps on the road for the baby. With a belt shock-absorbing mechanism, the cradle is connected to the wheelbase with special belts.

Determining which method is better is problematic. It all depends on the quality of depreciation performance. But it is quite possible to evaluate this mechanism: to do this, you need to shake the stroller, randomly put pressure on it. Pay attention to the Seating position: during the check, the movement of the cradle relative to the chassis must be smooth.

Stroller for the season

If the child was born in autumn or winter, it makes sense to pay attention to how well the stroller is protected from adverse weather conditions. But, as a rule, high-quality strollers are perfectly adapted for the comfort of the baby at any time of the year (look at the marking: models suitable for use in winter have the designation “winter-summer”). Water-repellent fabric with windproof impregnation, high sides of the cradle and insulated Cape on the legs provide reliable protection from all weather events.

Many strollers are equipped with an air circulation control system — this allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the cradle, even in hot weather. The Cape on the legs for summer is equipped with a mosquito net.

Handle on the stroller for newborns

When choosing a stroller, of course, it is easy to immediately try on the handle (the height of its location). But what if the difference in height of the parents is significant, and the height of the handle, which is convenient for one, will be uncomfortable for the other? Pay attention to an option such as the ability to adjust the handle height.

Do I need a rocker handle function?

Undoubtedly, it is convenient to throw it to turn the child away from direct sunlight; to protect it from the wind. In modular strollers, this problem is solved by reinstalling the unit (which may not be quite convenient). But transformers usually have this function.

Customer reviews of the ability to flip the handle are mixed. In some cases, this option is useful, but in the vast majority — not very convenient, because in the” non-native ” position of the handle, the stroller loses its maneuverability, it becomes very difficult to go to the curb. Therefore, the most reasonable option is not to search for a stroller with a necessarily swinging handle, but a model with a low-hanging hood and a good configuration.

Fabric elements

The fabric on the stroller for a newborn should be well cleaned: it is wrong to refuse to walk only on the grounds that it is raining or slush outside the window. That is why many manufacturers make the outer skin of the stroller from water-and dirt-repellent materials with windproof impregnation. As a rule, it is enough to wipe the stroller outside with a damp cloth to clean it from dust and dirt particles.

As for the inner lining, it is good if it is made of natural fabric – usually cotton: the soft fabric does not interfere with air access to the baby’s skin and is pleasant to the touch.

Top 5 Best Strollers

Summer 3D Lite Convenience Stroller

The 3D lite convenience stroller is a durable stroller that has a lightweight and stylish aluminum frame and is one of the lightest and most feature rich convenience strollers on the market. With an easy to fold frame and carry strap, you can be on-the-go or stow and go with ease
About the Product
Durable, stylish aluminum frame (12 pounds) with large seat area
4 position recline with 5 point safety harness
Anti-shock front wheels and lockable rear wheels
Adjustable and removable canopy with flip out sun visor
Extra-large storage basket and rear storage pocket
New and improved easy compact fold with carry strap and auto lock
Lighten Up
The award winning 3Dlite features an innovative air-light aluminum frame which makes it super lightweight to carry and push – yet durable enough to stand the test of time! With its open design, you can easily access the large storage basket or recline almost flat which is ideal for on-the-go naps or diaper changes! Going for a sunny day stroll? The canopy features a pop out visor that protects baby from sun’s harmful rays – 99.9 percent to be exact – and with the included cup holder there’s even a place for your water (or iced coffee).
What’s Included:
Instructions, 4 wheels (2 front and 2 rear), canopy, cup holder, and stroller frame with seat, storage basket, and carry strap.
Air-Light & Compact
The 3D lite has an all-aluminum frame which means it is super lightweight yet incredibly durable. Weighing less than 12 pounds, it is one of the lightest strollers on the market. It has a compact, easy 3-step fold:
1. Lift the rear handle.
2. Push the lever with your foot.
3. Fold down and go.
With auto-lock and a carry strap, it is ideal for carrying on the subway or through the airport.
Adjustable Canopy
The large, adjustable canopy will block your baby’s sensitive skin from harmful rays. In addition, the pop out sun visor provides even more protection on extra sunny days and is rated to block 99.9 percent of UVA and UVB rays.
Easy-to-Recline Seat with 5-Point Harness
Unlike a traditional ‘X’ frame stroller, the 3D Lite has an open design and the easy-to-recline seat lays nearly flat, which is ideal for napping and on-the-go diaper changes. The 5-point safety harness easily adjusts to 3-height positions as your child grows, and with the additional padding your baby will always have a comfortable ride.
Plenty of Storage
The extra-large storage basket is ideal for holding over-sized diaper bags and purses, and the rear storage pocket is perfect for keys and cell phones. With an included cup holder, you will always have a place for your beverage or baby bottle.


Graco Roomfor2 Stand and Ride Stroller | Lightweight Double Stroller with Toddler Standing Platform, Gotham

  • Holds 2 children up to 50 lb each , Stroller Rear Wheel Size – 8.0 inches , Stroller Front Wheel Size -6.7 inches
  • Stroller accepts all Graco SnugRide Classic Connect & Click Connect Infant Car Seats
  • Padded bench seat so child can sit or stand on platform
  • Multi-position, reclining front seat lies flat
  • Child’s tray with cup holder pivots for no-fuss stroller entry
  • One-hand fold with storage latch


Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Easy Fold Compact Travel Stroller

  • Perfect for traveling and day trips with a compact fold and lightweight design (only 11.8lbs)!
  • Convenient one-hand and self-standing fold
  • Large, easy-access storage basket holds all baby’s necessities
  • Multi-position reclining seat keeps child comfortable
  • Three-tier, extended canopy for maximum sun coverage and peek-a-boo window
  • Parent tray with two drink holders and extra storage area
  • Removable child tray with dual cup & juice box holder
  • All-terrain wheels and front suspension for a smooth ride
  • Adjustable 5-point safety harness


Baby Trend Xcel Jogger Stroller, Mosiac Blue

Get a workout with this XCEL jogger stroller from Baby Trend. The Xcel Jogging Stroller features large bicycle tires and a front swivel wheel that can be unlocked for low speed maneuvering or locked into place for jogging. Stroller also can accept any of the Baby Trend Flex-Loc or Inertia Infant Car Seats to make a travel system, comes with both a parent tray with 1cup holder and a storage compartment and child tray with cup holder. The multi-position reclining padded seat, has a fully adjustable 5 point safety harness and tether strap, and fully adjustable ratcheting canopy to block the sun and wind. The stroller folds effortlessly with a trigger release into a compact fold for easy storage or transport, and the extra wide ergonomically shaped rubber handle is both soft for pushing and cushy when transporting. Footrest reflectors provide greater low-light visibility, comes with an extra large storage basket, lightweight rugged steel frame construction and JPMA certified. 21″W x 47″L x 41″H recommended use: 6 months up to 50 lbs.

Graco Breaze Lightweight Stroller | Travel Stroller, Lake Green

About the product
Ultra-easy one-hand fold makes this the perfect accessory to get out and about with baby
Easily accepts all Graco Click Connect infant car seats, excluding TRUESHIELD side-impact protection infant car seats with a secure one-step attachment to create your own travel system
Lightweight, sturdy frame for maximum portability, making it ultra-convenient for moms on-the-go
Holds a child up to 50 pounds for years of comfortable strolling
Multi-position, reclining seat lies flat, accommodating your child from birth to 50 lbs.
Breaze Click Connect Stroller
The Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller is an easy folding umbrella stroller, thanks to its innovative one-hand fold. Breaze accepts all Graco Click Connect infant car seats, excluding Trueshield side-impact protection infant car seats, so you can create a custom travel system.
The extra-large UV 50 canopy, front swivel wheels with suspension, removable parent cup holder and easy-access, extra-large storage basket make this a full-featured Graco stroller without compromise.
Product description
Color:Lake Green
The Graco Breeze Click Connect umbrella stroller is the easiest folding umbrella stroller available. Both compact and lightweight, Breeze doesn’t compromise on comfort or convenience.

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