How to choose a radio or video baby monitor

Principle of operation

The principle of operation of radio and video devices for monitoring children is simple and resembles a walkie-talkie. The kit always has two blocks configured for the same frequency. The higher the frequency, the clearer the transmitted signal. One unit acts as a transmitter and the other serves as a receiver. This connection is also called two-way. It is clear that the transmitter must be installed in the children’s room, and the receiver must be carried or placed in the adult room.

Device type

All surveillance devices are divided into:

1. Radio Baby monitor

2. Video Baby monitors

3. Baby monitors for animals.

The latter are characterized by a strong body that will not give in to the teeth of a pet. As a rule, the material for it is aluminum. These devices are designed to monitor an animal in the absence of its owners. With a laser pointer, you can play, and through two – way communication-talk, cheer up, or forbid your pet to make a mess in the apartment. The device is made in the form of a cube, which helps its stability. The animal is not afraid of the device, but perceives it as an additional entertainment.

Type of transmitted signal

Surveillance devices can be divided by the type of transmitted signal:

1. Radio Baby monitors establish only audio or audio communication between you and the baby. You will be able to hear sounds from the nursery and be aware of whether your baby is awake and what he is doing. Most devices support communication in both directions, so the mother can not only hear, but also calm the child or sing a lullaby. Such devices can then be very useful in games with an older child.

Radio Baby monitors are analog and digital. Analogs have a limited range, but their main drawback is something else. First of all, this is the lack of signal purity. Analog transmitters capture sounds of their own range, and you can hear someone else’s baby crying or a dog barking in a nearby apartment. In addition, such devices transmit sounds with interference, and reinforced concrete walls and ceilings can become a serious obstacle in their path. However, such devices are quite inexpensive and can be used inside a small room. For example, you can provide a similar transmitter to a stroller standing on the balcony during the baby’s daytime sleep. However, be prepared that in the peaceful snuffling of your child, the active sounds of the street will be inserted.

2. Video Baby monitors differ in that the receiver receives not only sound, but also an image. Thus, double audio / video communication is performed. These devices can also be analog or digital. It is clear that during analog image transmission, the image quality is seriously affected due to external interference. In addition, the functionality of such devices is very limited.

Digital video baby monitors are more expensive, but their capabilities are expanded compared to their analog counterpart. Of course, there is always a connection in both directions.

Wireless signal transmission system

DECT’s digital wireless technology is advanced and developed directly for wireless phones. It establishes a fully digital communication channel between the blocks, so there is no interference in the transmission of sound.

FHSS technology has a good range of up to 250 m and an uninterrupted communication signal.

Wi-Fi technology makes it possible to connect to the transmitter in the children’s room not only from the parent unit, but also from a smartphone, iPhone, computer or tablet. This makes it possible to communicate in an unlimited range. Here you will not be much hindered by walls or distances when setting up special software.

Main characteristic


In addition to the image and sound quality, any parent is interested in the range of the device. Here you need to rely on why you buy it. If only to observe the child from the next room, then you simply do not need a large spatial coverage. In this case, a radius of up to 90 m will be sufficient.

Owners of a large house will not be enough device with a small coverage. It is best to buy a device that has the ability to broadcast a signal within a radius of 300 meters.

The device with a coverage of up to 800 m is useful when walking with older children or going to the store, while the little one is sleeping. Interactive nanny signals that the child is waking up and it’s time to go home.

There is one important point to consider when choosing. The radius of action is reduced to 50-100 meters if there are reinforced concrete walls and other blind partitions between the parent and child block.

Features of the children’s block video camera

Here we need to say a few words about the baby monitor camera. It can have a large coverage or work in several planes at once. The rotary mechanism will provide a wide viewing angle, which will be necessary when watching an older child.

Number of connected receivers

This feature of the device allows you to cover several rooms at once, as well as connect several devices to the parent unit. For example, it can be a TV, a smartphone, and a fixed receiver directly on the device. Having such a set, you will not need to drag the receiver around the house, and the picture on the TV is larger and brighter.

Having the function of monitoring the baby with your smartphone, you can record the broadcast directly to your phone, save it or immediately send it to your family and friends.

Voice activation (VOX)

The device with voice activation function will become a convenient and unobtrusive assistant for baby care. If the bedroom is quiet, then your interactive nanny goes into standby mode without disturbing the baby or wasting battery power. As soon as the baby starts making sounds, the device will “come to life” and immediately give you an audio and video signal.

Motion sensor

This function perfectly complements the other advantages of video monitors. If in the previous paragraph it was said that the transmitter is turned on by sound, then the same thing happens here if the camera detects movement. For parents of babies, this device will be indispensable if there are animals in the house. The baby monitor will turn on the broadcast when a cat or other pet gets into the crib.

When watching older children, a device with a motion sensor will tell you if the child got out of the crib and went to play instead of sleeping.

Indication of communication interruption

In order to save yourself from worrying about the reliability of the signal between the parent and child units, buy a device with a built-in indication of the connection break. If you are in an area of uncertain reception, the receiving device will immediately report this. The same thing will happen when the children’s transmitter runs out of power. The battery indication on the communication device will indicate that an urgent charge is required.

Support for memory cards

To be able to save information from the children’s unit, purchase a device with memory cards. The most common format for children’s transmitter memory cards is Secure Digital (SD). They have the ability to protect the information they contain. SD cards feature high read and write speed and durability.

Some baby monitors can use removable memory cards such as SD, miniSD, or microSD.

Power supply

The children’s and parents ‘ units can be powered by a 220 V power supply, batteries, or a battery pack.

It is convenient if there is a permanent and alternative source of energy. For example, when the battery or accumulator runs out, these devices will turn on power from the mains.

AA and AAA batteries are often used. They are good because they are easily purchased in any store. The device can be equipped with special batteries, but they are often made for a specific model. This is fraught with a long search for suitable batteries in the event of their failure.

If the device is equipped with batteries, then the kit must have a charger that is powered directly from the outlet.

Additional function

Like most other household appliances, radio and video baby monitors are equipped with various

additional features. Among them can be: measuring the temperature and humidity in the nursery, which is especially useful for parents of newborns; a timer so that the mother can not be afraid to miss the next feeding; a monitor for tracking the child’s breathing. The latter is in particular demand, since the transmitter will report any change in the baby’s breathing. Wheezing, grunting, sniffing, or even stopping breathing will no longer be scary — you can always come to the rescue in time.

Another wonderful feature of some electronic nannies may be the ability to play lullabies, nature sounds, and other soothing melodies.

Shooting in the dark will make it possible to observe the baby at night without turning on the light in the nursery. The image in this case is the same clear, but is reproduced in black and white format.

The built-in night light in the children’s unit looks like a dim lighting of one or more lamps. They may look different, for example, in the form of stars.

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