How to choose jumpers for a child correctly

Jumpers are not only a toy for the baby and a reason for the mother to rest for at least half an hour, but also a great simulator that teaches coordination of movements, trains the baby’s still immature legs and strengthens its cardiovascular system. Now we will tell you how to choose jumpers.

Although jumpers are often classified as toys, before buying them, be sure to consult with a pediatrician, as there are some contraindications. For example, children who have orthopedic or neurological diseases, such as hypertonus or rickets, should not use this simulator.

Jumpers: from what age?

Start choosing jumpers only after the child turns 5 months, that is, when he has already learned to hold the head and sit confidently.

To choose high-quality jumpers, you need to pay attention to many different things. Let’s look at each of them in more detail!

Support for underarms

To redistribute part of the baby’s weight from the groin area to the shoulder belt, jumpers must have rollers or other devices to support the child in the armpit area. Due to this, the extra load is removed from the still immature child’s spine. The rollers must be adjusted in height.


To begin with, regardless of the type of fasteners, you need to check their reliability, namely, to inspect all metal parts and pull the belts. When choosing jumpers, remember that the safety of your child depends on the strength of the structure!

How to choose jumpers

1. Mount to the door opening by means of hooks or nails Most often, these are models that are quite cheap because of the simplicity of the installation solution. But they have more minuses than pluses. Such jumpers are not particularly reliable, since during regular use, the nails can become loose, and then, and at all, fall out. In addition, they are absolutely immobile – if you do not want to leave a memory of your child’s infancy holes on all the door jambs, then it is time to determine the place for jumpers once and for all.

2. Fastening to the door opening with special clips

The reliability of clips is much higher than that of nails. Also, this mount makes the jumpers much more mobile, since the clips can be easily unclenched, and the simulator can be moved to another room. However, if the doorways in your apartment do not have protruding platbands, you will not be able to use such jumpers.


Any seat should fit snugly around the baby’s body to securely fix its spine.

1. Seat-panties

The advantages of such a seat is that it is quite light and compact, but you can buy such jumpers only if they have fixing elements, in particular a tape that will wrap around the child’s waist. This will provide additional safety for the baby’s back. Also, jumpers with such a seat usually have a low price. Disadvantages are also present – some models do not provide adjustment of the clamps in size and spacer, so jumping, the child can RUB the ears on the hard slings. In addition, working out on this simulator, the baby can easily hit the door or jambs.

2. Seat with a circular table top or bumper

In addition to the fact that the table top will save the jumping baby from injuries that he can inflict on himself by knocking on the doorway, most often it is also equipped with various educational toys that will only warm up the baby’s interest in the simulator. Also, the seat itself of these models is usually soft and has a high comfortable back.

By the way, choosing jumpers with this type of seat, you should not buy a table top, but a narrow rim-bumper, which will allow the child to see their legs, and, consequently, learn to control parts of their body more consciously. Among the disadvantages – as a rule, these jumpers are very wide and bulky, and their cost leaves much to be desired.

A spring element

When choosing jumpers in the store, pay attention to the fact that the spring element stretches well and is strong enough.

1. Elastic

The advantages of the rubber spring element is that it makes the model much easier and cheaper. But be careful-buy these jumpers

only if they have additional insurance in the form of nylon or ordinary cords, as any, even a good elastic band, sooner or later can wear out.

2. Metal spring

Choosing jumpers with this type of spring element, you will have to carefully monitor the baby while he is sitting on the simulator, since there is a possibility that the skin of the crumbs may be pinched between the coils of the spring. The advantages of metal springs is an incredible strength.


A strut is a crossbar or other mechanism above the head that provides additional security by pushing the slings away from the child’s face. It must be mandatory!

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