Everyone knows what a pool is and how useful it is for children and adults. But what is a dry pool not everyone knows, and even more so it is unclear what its benefits are? A dry pool is a kind of “container” with soft, thick walls filled with colorful, bright plastic balls that are hollow inside and hard when pressed a little. The number of balls can vary from several hundred to several thousand, it all depends on how much space is enough. In such a dry pool, you can dive, jump, hide your head under a mass of balls and play various games. You have probably seen how these dry pools attract the attention of children in large shopping centers in rooms for children or family entertainment centers.

The first dry pools appeared in the United States and were used exclusively for entertainment purposes. Soon, the novelty became interested in children’s doctors and psychologists, who noted the positive impact of dry pools on children.

So what is the use of a dry pool?

The effect of massage. Each time the child is immersed in a mass of balls, the child experiences a point pressure of the balls throughout the body. This massage tones the muscles and relieves tension.
Amazing shapes. Parents think that there is nothing unusual in colored balls, and children, playing, learn the colors and shapes of objects. In Europe, dry pools are widely used in preschool institutions and teachers consider them as assistants in classes with children.
Muscle training. To dig into the mass of balls of a deep pool with your head or try to run, the baby will have to make a lot of effort, which will be an invisible training of all muscle groups. And most importantly, it is completely safe!
Movements in the” waves ” of the dry pool cause a variety of tactile sensations throughout the body and give a pleasant physical sensation. Games in dry pools promote relaxation and stress relief for both children and adults.
Children should not be taught to play in a dry pool. It is necessary to lower the child into a mass of balls and he will decide what to do: dive or spread the balls by color. All this also has a positive effect on your child’s development.

A dry pool can be installed in a kindergarten, on a plot outside the city, or in an ordinary apartment. Just choose the size, shape, and number of balls that suits you. Children can spend hours playing in a mass of colored balls and they do not need constant monitoring, as games in a dry pool are absolutely safe.

How to choose a dry pool?

For a small children’s room, you can buy a small and quickly assembled pool with a small number of balls and a portable bag. You can always quickly collect and remove it if necessary, or take it with you to nature. If there are always a lot of children in Your house, you can choose a large swimming pool. Children can play with each other, and you don’t have to keep an eye on them all the time. Pay attention to the quality of the materials. In our dry pools, the balls and the base of the pool are made of environmentally friendly material, because everyone knows that children often try everything “by heart” and we can not allow children to play with harmful materials. Children like various shapes and colors, and they enjoy playing, jumping, diving, and sorting out balls. A dry pool as an addition to the children’s sports complex in the children’s room is a guaranteed health of Your child. Try it yourself and “swim” in this pool and you will undoubtedly feel all its benefits for yourself!

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