These devices will help facilitate the process and make water treatments favorite for mom and baby

1. Slide

Plastic inclined slide with anatomical recesses for the child’s body, attached to a small bath (there are also for a large bath). You can put the baby on the slide. At the bottom of the slide there is a mini seat on which the baby sits, as it were, and which stops the child from sliding down the slide. This stopper can be folded back so that the grown-up baby can roll down the slide merrily when the mother holds it.

Pros: you can put a child on the slide, and at this time stretch yourself. While the child is lying on the slide, he can dangle his legs and hands, and the mother, without getting tired, can water the baby and play with him. Suitable for newborns who can not sit, but can only lie down.

Cons: if the slide is plastic, it can be slippery. It is better to put a diaper on it. On the hill, the child will not learn and will not love to swim. It is static during water procedures, and does not learn to stay on the water.

2. Deckchair

The meaning of the chaise lounge is the same as that of the slide-to support in the bath, so that parents do not have to hold the child.

Pros: unlike the slide, the chaise lounge is usually soft, which allows the child to feel more comfortable.

Cons: the Baby does not learn to swim and stay on the water. You can’t let go of it at all, you still need to constantly hold it so that it doesn’t wriggle out and slip into the water.

3. Highchair

Very convenient device for children who can already sit. The chair is attached to the bottom of a large bath with suction cups. The child is “fixed” in it firmly. Some high chairs are sold with toys on the front panel. You can move the chair to the tap, then the baby can play with running water.

Pros: you can safely not keep the child in a high chair, just follow and play.

Cons: the Chair is still hard, and the baby will not be able to sit in it for a long time. The bath can only be filled a little, and the child’s arms and upper body may freeze. It is not very convenient to push the child into this chair, and then remove it back is not easy, especially if the baby bends his knees. It is better to choose a chair that opens up in front for landing. Sitting in a high chair, the child can play, but not learn to swim, not feel the water and not get used to the depth.

4. Circle on the neck

The inflatable circle-collar is one of the best inventions for swimming. In a good circle, the seams are hidden, and will not RUB the baby’s neck. The circle is attached around the head, it has a special recess for the chin, so the baby’s head is securely held above the water.

Pros: the Circle protects the ears from water ingress. The circle allows the child to swim completely freely, move, lie down on the water, turn his head, does not restrict movements, thus, swimming becomes pleasant and safe even in a large bath. The circle does not squeeze the throat-the Velcro allows you to adjust the size. Easy to remove and put on. The child’s body is completely in the water, and no “separate parts” have time to freeze.

Cons: Except one. The child behind the circle does not see the depth.

5. Pillow

This device will remind young mothers of a feeding pillow. In principle, the meaning is the same. Soft fabric pillow-a semicircle inside is stuffed with silicone balls. Suitable for children from six months. The child holds on to it as if it were a circle, and floats in a large bath.

Pros: the Pillow is soft, you want to hug it, you want to hold on to it. It allows you to feel the water, the depth, and learn to keep your balance. The pillow dries quickly on the battery.

Cons: the child with a pillow to keep his eyes open. You can easily slide off it, over it you can overbalance and take a SIP of water. The pillow absorbs everything that is added to the bath-herbal preparations, colored foam. You will have to wash it regularly, not just dry it.

6. Cap and vest

This is a cloth cap with foam blocks attached to it. Put it on the

child’s head, and the head does not sink, but keeps on the surface. With a vest, the same story – a blouse with “built – in” foam blocks is worn as a sleeveless jacket and fastened on the chest and on the belt.

Pros: the Child swims completely independently, can feel the water, depth, can see the edges of the bath, push off from them. This is full-fledged swimming. Such a cap (and such a vest) can be designed and made independently.

Cons: water gets into the ears. The child may turn over face down (usually by pushing off from the edge of the tub), and then he will not be able to raise his head without your help. You need to watch very carefully so that the child does not swallow water.

7. The Mat support

There are simple mattresses that you put on the bottom of the bath so that the child lies on a soft one. And there are mats – something like a stretched diaper. The Mat is attached to the edges of the bath. The child thus lies on the Mat without falling below a certain level.

Pros: Insurance for parents and weight relief for mom’s hands. Soft and comfortable. A great option for those who do not have a small bath.

Cons: you will still have to Hold the child firmly. Consider bathing by yourself, just part of the weight can be put on the Mat.

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