How to choose a bottle heater

Often mothers are faced with the problem of feeding the baby from the first days of his life. Sometimes there is not enough milk, and sometimes there is no milk at all, and the child has to be fed with a special mixture. For such cases, a bottle heater has been specially invented.

Principle of operation

The baby bottle heater is useful not only for heating the milk mixture. It is perfect for setting the desired temperature of drinking water, baby tea, cereals, food jars or for defrosting breast milk. Some devices are equipped with the function of sterilizing baby dishes and teats, which helps to save money by purchasing one device instead of two.

The principle of operation of the device is based on the effect of a water bath: the vessel is placed in a container with water that is heated to a certain temperature.

Some parents who adhere to conservative views are perplexed why they need to spend money on such a device. The baby’s body is able to perceive food only with the temperature of its own body, that is, 35-37°C, so the milk for newborns was heated up before the appearance of special devices. Of course, you can now do with a pot of boiling water, in which the bottle is lowered. But you will never be able to track the degree of heat, and even risk getting burned. Especially all the inconveniences of this method become obvious at night.

Using an automatic bottle heater, the mother is freed from a number of problems at any time of the day. It is enough for her to lower the bottle into the container, turn on the device and wait for it to be ready.



All infant formula heaters can be divided into two types:

1. Stationary;
2. Portable.

Stationary devices are powered from the network and less often from batteries. They have a standard design and consist of a plastic container with an electrically insulated heating element, a control relay and a basket-Elevator with a handle for installing and lifting the bottle. Some are equipped with a lid for sterilization and forceps.

The number of warm-up compartments can be 1 or 2. The latter option is especially convenient if you have two kids. 6 compartments have a device with a sterilization function. In its special recesses, you can immerse clean bottles, nipples, drinkers, cover them with a lid and get disinfected dishes without any boiling on the stove.

The sterilization function is available in many models of baby food heaters. But the device must have the ability to heat water to 100° or to the state of steam.

It should be noted that a device based on heating with boiling water or steam will cope with the task faster, but you risk getting burned by pulling out the bottle. In addition, it will have to be cooled before giving the baby.

Of course, it is most convenient to buy a model in which the heating is carried out exclusively in warm water, whose maximum temperature does not exceed 50°C. In such a device, it is impossible to overheat the bottle or burn yourself with boiling water. But the cooking process becomes longer, especially if you pour too cold water into the container. Sterilization in such a heater is excluded.

Shape and size

The device can only be designed for heating bottles from a specific manufacturer. No more dishes can be put there. In this case, you will have to buy dishes of the same brand. But there are universal devices that can easily fit bottles of all shapes and sizes. Usually such a heater has a spacious basket without a lock.

Maximum amount

The maximum volume of product that can be heated in such a device is from 300 to 500 ml. Large volumes usually have heaters for several bottles.

Auto power

Most fixed appliances that are powered by the mains have an auto-off function when a certain heating temperature is reached. This allows you not to worry that baby food will become too hot. Heaters that run on warm water often have a temperature maintenance mode. For example, if the child does not want to Wake up for the next feeding, you can not put the bottle in the refrigerator. In this case, the device itself will start the heating process when the water temperature drops to a certain value. This way, you will have warm water to prepare baby formula for the whole night, whenever he wakes up.

If the model is equipped with a timer, you can set the start time of heating, which is especially convenient at night. Mom doesn’t need to Wake up in advance to turn on the device.


The power indicator of the device indicates how much electricity it consumes during operation. The most powerful are bottle heaters for several compartments, equipped with a sterilization function. Their maximum power can reach 400 watts. The average figures for standard devices per bottle are 80-100 watts. The most low-power devices are those that work from cigarette lighters-11 watts.

The bottle heating device can be equipped with additional features. For example, the function of setting the required temperature allows you to select the heating level of baby food, and the turbo mode will bring it to readiness as quickly as possible.

Many models have a backlit LCD display, where you can see temperature data even at night.

The heater, equipped with an indication of the end of the heating process, will warn the mother about it in a timely manner with a light and sound signal.

Portable devices

There are two types of portable devices:

1. A convenient heater, consisting of a small metal thermos and a glass with a lid, can easily fit in a bag or stroller. A bottle or jar of porridge is placed in the glass, then hot water is poured from the thermos, due to which the heating takes place. The disadvantage of this device is that baby food can be overheated if you overdo it a little longer. But it is very convenient to take such a device for a walk, to visit or to the clinic.

2. A bottle heater in the form of a soft, often made of textile, handbag with a connection to the car’s cigarette lighter is a real find for parents of motorists. The container for the jar has special fasteners, due to which it is easily attached to the dashboard of the vehicle. There are no additional buttons for this device, so you need to make sure that the milk does not overheat.


If your family has twins, or you want to heat both milk and water for drinking at the same time, then buy a device for two compartments.

If you want to save money and do not buy an additional sterilizer for children’s dishes, it is better to choose a device with a sterilization function.

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