How to choose a baby carrier?

You can always take your baby with you. To do this, just select the correct carrier.

Some parents say that carrying a child does not last 9 months, but 18 months. The first half is pregnancy, and the second-carrying the baby in your arms or in a special carrier-this helps the baby to adapt to new living conditions and get such an important psychological skill as basic trust in the world: subconscious confidence in his kindness and desire to learn it.
But every parent knows that carrying a baby constantly on their hands is quite difficult. Fortunately, today’s industry offers a huge selection of baby carriers. The main types of baby carriers: a kangaroo backpack, an ergonomic backpack and a sling.

What is better to choose?

What to consider when choosing a carrier

When choosing a device for carrying a baby, you need to consider the following factors:

– age of the baby. If you choose a carrier for a newborn, it must be provided with the possibility of a recumbent position. In this position, the baby is most convenient to breastfeed. And although some mothers feed in the “sitting” position, it is still not too convenient for both the child and the mother. The “half-sitting-half-lying” position is not the best option, since the baby’s back may get tired, and it is not too comfortable to sleep in this position (after all, it is more convenient for you to sleep on the bed, and not sitting in a chair);

– orthopedic characteristics. Carrying should not create an excessive load on the child’s weak spine. For this reason, the ideal position of the child will be the same as in your hands.

And, of course, the carrier should not overload the parent’s back. When choosing a carrier, you should consider how much and where exactly you are going to carry the baby — some types of carriers are convenient for the home, but are not suitable for long walks, some-on the contrary.

For the house

A sling with rings or an ergonomic backpack is ideal for you. These carriers are easy to put the child in and can be quickly pulled out. To do this, it is not necessary to re-adjust the entire structure. It is also acceptable to carry a kangaroo at home, but orthopedists do not recommend carrying a child in it for a long time — the load on the baby’s spine is too high because of the flat back and narrow seat. In addition, kangaroo carriers do not have waist straps, and the baby’s weight is distributed only over the shoulders, which means that long-term wear is fraught with not only problems with the child’s spine, but also pain in the parent’s back.

A sling-scarf or may-sling can also be used — they have the ability to put the baby behind his back. However, these slings will have to be re-wound every time you put a crumb there.

For a walk

In order for walks to bring joy to you and your child, it is important to choose a convenient carrier that distributes the load well. An ergonomic backpack, a sling-scarf or a hybrid-may-sling will be perfect. You can put the baby face to yourself or behind your back and walk quietly, showing him the world, talking with him — in them the load is distributed throughout the back of the mother, allowing you to walk at least a whole day without the risk of lying in bed with back pain the next day. Convenient and baby — it is tightly drawn to the mother, legs wide apart, which allows to unload his back, face turned to the mother. When a child is tired of new experiences, he can just bury his face in his mother and sleep sweetly.

For hikes

Many active parents carry their child with them, starting from the very early age, not only for a walk in the Park, but also for longer trips. So you decided to take your baby with you on a real trip! It will probably take a long time to walk, so you need to take care of your back first. A sling scarf is an ideal choice, since its wide fabric evenly distributes the load. Using this carrier, you can carry the baby both in front and on the back. Choose for yourself how it will be more convenient and easier for you! You can also use such types of slings that are appropriate for walking — an ergonomic backpack and a may-sling. However, please note that the shoulder straps are narrower, and the weight of your favorite burden is not distributed over the entire back, but falls mainly on the shoulders and lower back. Because of this, it will be harder to carry a child.

Carrying children is one of those wonderful traditions that have been undeservedly forgotten in modern society. Sometimes parents are afraid that if they carry a child a lot, it will become capricious and spoiled. This is not true! Your child will feel your closeness and warmth, smell your skin and know that you are always there. And this confidence is very important for a growing man as the first step on the path of trust in the world.

Top 5 baby carriers

Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier

Suitable for children from 3.6 to 14.5 kg.
The adjustable ergonomic seat ensures the optimal position of the baby: support for the head, correct fit.
Adjustable straps can change the size of the carrier for long-term use as the baby grows.
The adjustable headrest provides additional comfort.
Weight optimization for greater comfort of use. Due to special belts, the weight is transferred to the hips.
The kangaroo backpack is made of completely safe materials for the baby, which are pleasant for children’s skin.
Bib to protect clothing and carry.

4 carrying options:
Face-to-face, narrow seat for newborns.
Face-to-face, wider seat.
Person from himself, a narrow seat with the control head position.
Carrying on the back to make it easier to carry older babies.


Baby Wrap Carrier All-in-1 Stretchy Baby Wraps – Baby Sling – Infant Carrier – Babys Wrap – Hands Free Babies Carrier Wraps

Baby K’tan Original Baby Wrap Carrier, Infant and Child Sling – Simple Wrap Holder for Babywearing – No Rings or Buckles – Carry Newborn up to 35 lbs

Acrabros Baby Wrap Carrier,Hands Free Baby Carrier Sling,Lightweight,Breathable,Softness,Perfect for Newborn Infants and Babies

Ergobaby Carrier, 360 All Carry Positions Baby Carrier with Cool Air Mesh

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